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Josh Oynick

Job Descriptions

I like reading job descriptions for companies to get a sense of their culture, tools they use, and ways they help team members onboard. If you'd like to share anything you find interesting or inspiring with me, reach me at [email protected]

While this isn't the optimal UI, for now I've copied the JD's below in case the postings go away.

Modern Treasury

Modern Treasury is payment operations software for businesses with a high volume of transactions or complex payment flows. Modern Treasury automates the full cycle of money movement — from payment initiation, through approvals, to reconciliation.

Our mission is to transform the way businesses move and track money, driving toward a world where payments are real-time, reconciliation is instant, and accounting is continuous.


During your first week you will:

  • Get to know our leadership, culture, and values
  • Onboard with the engineering team
  • Ship your first commit on day 1
  • Take on 1-2 small tickets to address bugs or make minor improvements
  • Read our favorite industry primers

During your first six weeks you will:

  • Ship your first major project
  • Write your first blog post. We love writing at Modern Treasury (and have been on the front page of Hacker News multiple times with posts like "What Happens When You ACH a Dead Person?" and "How to Build an Insurance Company")
  • Shadow a few customer and partner meetings every week

During your first six months you will:

  • Work with our product team to scope and ship products for both our engineering and finance users
  • Help grow our team by mentoring new engineers, writing internal tooling and documentation, and interviewing new hires


  • Experience building web applications professionally for 2+ years
  • Experience working with SQL/Relational databases


  • Ruby on Rails for our backend framework
  • React, GraphQL, and Tailwind CSS on the front end
  • Postgres for our database
  • Redis for caching
  • AWS for infrastructure and hosting
  • Docker for containerization
  • GitHub for source code management
  • Buildkite for continuous integration


At ReadMe, we’re committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We welcome people of all backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives. We are an equal opportunity employer and a pleasant and supportive place to work. We'd love to have you come join us here! ReadMe is open to hiring folks fully remote in the US, hybrid, or in-person at our San Francisco HQ. ReadMe is hiring a Head of Business Operations who will bring high-growth SaaS operating expertise to a beloved developer brand as we scale to $50M ARR and beyond. It’s a unique opportunity to combine your experience scaling revenue operations for fast-growing B2B products with a product-led team helping companies create amazing developer experiences. It’s an exciting time for ReadMe coming off a year of record revenue growth and product launches that further our vision of making every API easy and delightful to use. As we continue this momentum, the Head of Business Operations will bring a strategic lens to mission-critical initiatives like pricing and packaging, fundraising, and evolving our go-to-market infrastructure to drive self-serve and Enterprise growth. We're a small team of humans (and one owl) working together to do big things — and that’s where you come in. In this role you’ll have a transformational impact on ReadMe across both the trajectory of the business and our thriving culture.

🦉 What we do ReadMe helps more than 5,000 leading startups and tech companies build beautiful, personalized, and interactive developer hubs. If you’ve ever visited the developer docs for Intercom, Airbnb, or Notion, you’ve used ReadMe! We love what we do because it’s so much more than just documentation. We’re providing tools for teams to build a better developer experience and make their products and APIs easier to use. We’ve got great support from our investors at Accel who led our Series A, and our interview process reflects the open, caring, and whimsical culture we want to maintain as we scale.

✅ What you’ll do here

  • Strategize and implement SaaS best practices to drive growth and help us scale — whether it’s ideal billing flow, or improving pricing and packaging offerings for customers.
  • Build out analytics reporting infrastructure and use SQL to develop insights from financial, customer, and product data to inform critical business decisions.
  • Empower our customer-facing teams (Sales, Marketing, Customer Experience) with the tools, technology, and systems to do their best work. Past experience with Salesforce is a huge plus!
  • Own and manage the FP&A, strategic finance, and accounting functions and advise ReadMe’s business decisions based on your knowledge.
  • Prepare investor updates and board decks to communicate business performance and trends, and add a few dashes of whimsy along the way.
  • Collaborate with other leaders at ReadMe to help drive strategic initiatives and special projects. In the future, grow and manage a Biz Ops/Finance team while building a culture that attracts great people.

💙 You'll love this job if you are...

  • Passionate about Biz Ops/Finance and building out the function at a rapidly growing startup that developers love. An analytical problem solver. You’ll promote a culture of data driven decision making and first principles problem solving to help us reach our business goals.
  • Experienced in building a revenue operations system at a B2B SaaS company. Bonus points if you’re familiar with developer tools and APIs!
  • Enthusiastic about owning and managing a robust financial operating model and have a fundamental understanding of accounting principles.
  • Familiar with go-to-market SaaS tools such as Salesforce, Outreach, HubSpot, Zendesk.
  • Comfortable doing a range of tasks early on, as we build out a team to take things over.
  • Excited to partner with other ReadMe leaders to provide organization, structure, and analytical support on strategic objectives across the company.
  • Being a big fan of owls doesn’t hurt!

🌱 How you’ll grow in one month

  • Get to know your fellow leaders in Sales, Customer Experience, Marketing, and members of the broader Product, Design, Engineering, and People teams. Learn how you might make their jobs easier.
  • Take over day-to-day finance and accounting responsibilities.
  • Learn our current suite of go-to-market tools (tied together by Salesforce) and identify opportunities for improvement.

🪴 Within three months, you’ll…

  • Build upon our go-to-market toolset and work toward a truly integrated system.
  • Understand underlying business metrics and think about how we could grow.
  • Prepare your first board deck and investor updates.

🌳 Within six months, you’ll…

  • Have a solid understanding of ReadMe’s operating rhythm and internal path to scaling.
  • Inform major business decisions across the company.
  • Continue to build on the foundation you’ve created with your own projects and ideas!

🛣 What's the hiring process like?

  • We can’t wait to read your resume and (hopefully personality-filled) cover letter! Let us know what excites you about business operations, and help us get to know you better!
  • If we think we might be a good fit for you, we’ll set up a 30 minute phone chat with our COO, Pat! He’ll tell you more about the role, and get a chance to hear about your experiences.
  • Next will be a second 30 minute phone interview with our Head of Marketing, Sarah, where we’ll dive a bit more into your background.
  • Then we’ll invite you to an "onsite" interview conducted over Zoom! These usually take 3.5 to 5 hours including an hour break in between. We are able to be flexible with the schedule and split it up over two days if that works best for you! We start with a 15-minute get-to-know-you with the strat team so you can meet the people you’ll be working with, and then have you talk with people one-on-one later on.
  • We’ll let you know how things went within a week! If it still seems like a good fit all around, we’ll extend you an offer! If not, we will update you to let you know so you aren’t left hanging.